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Simple House Planner/Home Designer New Zealand

Since we are one of the more respected building consultants in Dunedin, our team comprises of the finest architects, technicians, engineers, and project managers. They have decades of collective experience, ranging from:

  • Civil engineering,
  • Supermarkets & shopping precincts,
  • Business & workshop fit-outs, with major and minor retrofits
  • Cafes & licensed premises,
  • Building new homes, by emulating respective blueprint design, or renovating an existing property
  • Building new apartments or renovating them based on simple house plans in NZ
  • Major & minor house alterations including deep retrofits
  • Renovating existing office blocks
  • Timber & steel framing
  • Heritage building restorations
  • Architectural Planning for special care facilities like those for the disabled individuals and senior citizen homes

We at Plan Shop have done justice to commercial building planning, South Island residents have ever seen! Our well laid-out plans are a blend of cost-effective design principles to convert your vision into reality. As we steadily come up with incredible architectural plans, South Island residents especially our clients, have always praised us for our good work. We also take up residential projects, by coming up with pioneering house plans in New Zealand. If you too want a glimpse of our building plans, be it breathtaking home designs or exclusive commercial layouts, approach us and we will fabricate your built desires.

If you need a building consent, big or small and across all type of constructions, we will help you get compliance at highly competitive prices. Our experience is accountable and costs no more…

We can provide you with testimonials and referrals from previous New Zealand clients upon request in any building category you may wish to call upon. Just ask us and we will provide you with contact details.


Plan Shop began life in Dunedin as a design bureau in 1996 under the direction of Bryan Menzies – Registered Architect as lead designer.

Bryan’s experience ranges from a civil engineering technician for 10 years in the Ministry of Works where he transitioned via Victoria University’s School of Architecture to being a registered architect in MWD’s Wellington Office. Periods engagement with the multi-disciplined Tse Group Wellington and his private practice and site project management in the greater Wellington area and Dunedin have crossed the time period of 45 years to date…. And the enthusiasm for a presence in the building industry still persists.

Our team

Presently there are 3 Licensed Building Practitioners – LBPs - engaged in active design service with other associates who can be called upon to fulfil work load demands.

The practitioners engaged in the design group have varied over time as projects wain or succeed at the dictate of the market and its variables and life style forces imposed upon the design individuals.