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House Planning And The Tiny Homes Movement In New Zealand

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Among all the living and lifestyle norms paraded under the “Sustainability” umbrella, Tiny Homes are a bit of a sensation with the Kiwi people. Mostly because it is the bigger picture and an all-encompassing approach towards how far can a person or a family can downsize and help restore natural balance.

There is an entire YouTube channel, hosted by NZ based YouTuber, Bryce Langston called Living Big in a Tiny House, that explores tiny homes all over the world and chronicles the lives of people who have switched to living in tiny spaces and have given up on the square footage to downsize into a sustainable lifestyle.

Tiny living is getting a cult following, and it is not less than a Movement. While some look at it as an affordable solution for house planning in Dunedin, breaking away from the expensive housing market in the city, the majority are endorsing this movement in a bid to give more to nature.

How Tiny Homes Are Built In NZ

The NZ Government sees Tiny Homes as buildings only when they are permanently inhabited and are without wheels. Most of the consents are concerning zoning permits. When you add wheels, it becomes a vehicle, and if you spend a part of the day in it, you probably are going to need “road codes” instead of building codes. Building a tiny home is pretty much the same as building a full-size house, you are going to specify the following in your building compliance application :

  • Total Dimension of the house including height and square metre
  • Location
  • Total dimensions of adjacent areas of the house like backyard, paved area, deck and driveway.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is the central regulator, that has a say in several issues concerning the “vehicle or buildings” confusion with tiny homes. Conclusively, the matter is settled on an individualistic manner, and that points out at the fact in an individualistic manner that may vary according to the house plan, location and how the owner is planning to use the space and the house.

Elementary Solutions For Modern House Designs Dunedin

According to Plan Shop Building Consultants Dunedin, that works closely with the NZ Government in complying modern house designs, blueprinting and CAD drawing for building consent, the rise of the Tiny Living it is high time for the NZ Government to develop a focal strategy, that specifically addresses the various tiny house architectural backgrounds. The building experts also point out that tiny houses often fall under the scrutiny of taking much land-space. While one tiny house can be the least most space-occupying concern, a tiny-house community, grounds and parks contribute to groundlessness. This is a concern.

A good alternate is Apartments. But usually, apartments, are expensive, and they don’t have the exclusivity of ownership that tiny houses bring. But if giving back to nature is a major concern, a tiny apartment in a multi-storey building is a better contributor, only it more expensive, less private. However, for tiny homes, groundlessness is a common threat, as the house-on-wheels lifestyle requires one to move around from location to location to comply with the Government rules, thus be subject to hovering around to find a proper parking spot.