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Plan Shop architectural designers and building consultants Queenstown Lake District.

We move with your dreams and visions. Creating innovative building plans owing up to the growing needs of modern house designs in Queenstown LD.

From smart homes, green buildings to historical building restoration —have the support of some of the most visionary and expert  architectural designers Queenstown has to offer. The Plan Shop – building consultants and architects Queenstown helps building contractors and property owners with core solutions of conducting a Building Project  

We readily conduct a multitude of key roles such as

  • Architectural Planning – we delve into the core essentials of an accomodation, whether it’s a home or a commercial building. We help you create breathable living spaces utilizing every square inch of structure.
  • Blueprint Drawing – for your contractors as well as to represent your building plan to the Building Consenting Authority, we help you with detailed drawings and comprehensive planning.
  • Computer Aided Design  – rendering a detailed design and building plan for engineering layers;, the CAD drawing is a 3D or 2D animated version that goes a step ahead the blueprints in conceptualizing unique building designs, improving architecture efficiency. CAD is nowadays an essential for getting a building compliance, especially for

Plan Shop has been a concrete support behind several innovative building plans Wanaka based builders and contractors largely rely upon. Working towards making a better, greener architectural landscape, with innovative and efficient house plans Otago has seen.


The home is where we amass our fondest memories. Building a home is often a one time investment, that is meant to last a generation or more. Therefore, it’s essential that the house plans are future proof and substantiates all the comforts, that only a home can give. Plan Shop building consultants Queenstown Lake District, helps homeowners see bright sides of a small space, and make the best use of every square inch, similarly, do all the justice to an expansive space, without cluttering it. From retrofits to safeguarding your house from the deep impacts of natural disasters, we are here to make sure, your house has all the right elements, to turn up as a home. All this without going overboard the budget.

Commercial Buildings

While homes amass life, commercial buildings amass lifestyles. This is to facilitate the growing needs. From shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and vast diaspora of commercial structures. We at Plan Shop understand the growing needs of home and office automation, understanding the roles of architecture has to play in the way of living.

Green Building

New Zealand is among the top countries in the world, responding to the concept of Green Architecture. Exemplifying how our buildings, along with our lifestyles can move towards a better, greener future.

And Plan Shop is one of the leading architects in Queenstown that implement a wide-ranging expertise in the development of Green Building Plans.

Disaster Relief

The Christ Church Lonely Planet is a building plan, that was conceptualised by The Plan Shop after the Canterbury earthquakes, in 2010. While you cannot control or prevent a force of nature, you can build strategically planned plinth and anti-disaster architecture plans, that will make your home, office and city a safer place when disasters strike.

So when you are beginning to plan a new building, contact us for consultation, architecture planning, CAD drawing and a comprehensive assistance in getting a building consent from the NZ Building Consent Authority. Let’s make your visions into a reality.

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