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From Luxury Villas To Economic Apartments, With Modern House Plans In Wanaka, Architectural Designers The Plan Shop Can Make Your Dream For A Home Into A Dream Home!  

The small resort town of Wanaka located in the southern islands of Otago, is a heaven for nature lovers, and living in this place must be a dream come true!

Wanaka has a relatively low population that is well within a maximum of 10,000. However, the town is heavily visited by tourists, that often come from different countries and choose to stay here for months. In fact, the primary economic source for this town is tourism and diverse adventure sports. And since the popular Hollywood movies like The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, were shot in this location, the town has developed a remarkable spot in the world tourism radar.

Therefore, there is a rising demand for comfortable modern house plans in Wanaka, by homeowners that wish to host home-stays, or people that choose Wanaka as the perfect location for building a vacation home in New Zealand.

Luxury Is A Way Of Living

Plan Shop has been operating as building consultants and architectural designer in Wanaka for over a decade now. And the company chronicles the changing behavior in the designs of a Dream Home!

Classic country style homes, cozy cottages on the foothills to lake houses, are the common demands of the common people, but the modern concepts of luxury villas, multistory apartment buildings and thematic vacation homes are on the rise.

When you are in Wanaka, luxury is in the way of living!

Today, residential architecture and construction is no more contained within the brick-and-mortar sphere, since people are even getting used to living in metallic school buses! And even THAT can be so beautifully designed, that a tiny school bus home can be someone’s dream home. Therefore, the concept of luxury is largely outlined by the true meanings of comfort and happiness, both of which has nothing to with expenditure.

Dream For A Home To Dream Home

At some walk of life, everyone dreams of a home. Building a home in Wanaka is regulated by the Queensland Lake District Council, that takes care that your house is not damaging to the nature. So all the buildings grow with nature, instead of into it. The pristine merge of environment and urbanization, is more like a dream.

So if you are looking for an architectural designer in Wanaka, feel free to contact the Plan Shop that has a cumulative experience in working with modern concepts in sync with traditions, country living and luxury.

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