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Simple House Design/Building Plans in Auckland, Dunedin New Zealand

Plan Shop is no exception in ALL designers endeavours to deliver a design that is aesthetically pleasing while extracting the most value for money possible and so deliver to you a home, an investment property or business centre that will allure and function with maximum utility yet still be cherished throughout its life. House planning in Dunedin and Auckland has reached a different level, with our expertise in presenting the best layouts.

It’s the budget, the budget… yes the budget, there just never seems to be enough money to deliver what you have contemplated!!!

The answer is;

It’s the planning, it’s the planning… so if you are a ‘newbie’ let’s break it into stages so as to not eat your beast in one sitting.

Let’s get design cost out there now….

Will an initial meeting with you have a cost?…. Simply put… absolutely nothing. We need to meet and talk through your vision and gather together your thoughts, options, opinions so that we together develop insight.


Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2014 sets out a range exemptions. Follow this web page link to check the MBIE website at:
Once your project is scoped with us, and can be assessed into a design workstream, we will write to you with a costing of the design service for your acceptance or negotiation and set out in stages as follows:

Once your project is scoped with us,

and can be assessed into a design work stream, we will write to you with a costing of the design service for your acceptance or negotiation and set out in stages as follows:


The most important stage of establishing the concept, getting the ideas up and into a structured format, from there produce preliminary computer generated drawings to test the ideas and concepts, then prepare initial costing either with a selected builder and their merchant or elemental costing schedules or the use of a quantity surveyor. This process is likely to go through several design iterations and computer modelling to sift out the desirable solution.


This stage would be to determine if consulting services roles as maybe required to achieve the carry forward of detailed design at the Building Consent Stage. Are resource consents required for any breaches of District Plan rules? Do they need to apply for early prior to the final building consenting stage. A budget review and design refinement is not unusual so as to not have abortive design work carried out during the next stage


The back end for finally prepared detailed CAD drawings and specifications relating the NZ Building Code, filing of the Building Consent with the local Building Consenting Authority and dealing with matters arising during their processing…. It is our responsibility to deliver a clean building consent, therefore without further cost to you we close out further information requests the BCA may have. The Building Consent documents once their assessment is completed would be mailed to you.


The Construction Contracts Act prevails for ALL contracts and those exceeding $20,000 including GST are required to be formalised as a written contract and will provide you with limited protection – see:


Assistance in this can be arranged with us, but your contracting builder may have access to a building supply merchant who will offer materials take off and pricing service. Plan Shop is always on hand to answer questions that might arise during this process, as the drawings required for consent are usually sufficient for quantity survey purposes and assessing the labour costs for the various trades.


Your build team always have access to us for enquiry or clarification. This is usually without charge, be it in Dunedin or Auckland, regardless of location. Variations such as to ground conditions, indeterminable site conditions, which require amendment of drawings as an ‘as built’ status in order to gather a Code Compliance from the regional BCA will require to be charged at costs as set out in the services agreement with you.

Always ask, never doubt the validly of any question… it is the quality of the questions that derive excellent outcomes, not the answers…. Persist with enquiry… its your project… your money… your risk… and we know this!

Real estate planning dunedin

Magnificent Ashburton

The “Magnificent Ashburton” has been designed in tandem with modern day living.The layout is very practical and can make anyone’s living a pleasure.It is basically the plan of a 3 bedroom house. The Kitchen area and the lavish dining space straightaway flow to the outdoor entertainment space.

The best part is the hall and entrance separate the large and spacious lounge from the bedrooms thereby creating an effective sound barrier. Modern house designs in Dunedin have found a new definition with Plan Shop.

Enormous Auckland

This is one of the best building plans in Auckland, suitable for people, who love natural light. It is the plan of a family home that is designed to have the best orientation to the SUN. This allows plenty of natural sunlight to enter the rooms so that the free energy is optimally utilised.

The house plan includes 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, 2 decks, 3 bathrooms and one office. This one is ideal for family owners with extended family members living with them. It is one of the best house designs, which Plan Shop offers to its esteemed clients. From this, it is quite evident as to how the building consultants can design homes depending upon the customer’s dwelling pattern.

‘Enormous Auckland’ is one of the smartest and modern house designs, Auckland inhabitants can get from the architects at Plan Shop. The proliferation of such building plans can bring benefits not only to the makers but also to the city as a whole.

Without Plan Shop and its architectural designers, Auckland could never have witnessed a better built design as ‘Enormous Auckland’. With all that sunlight entering the rooms, positivity can inevitably sustain. An abode, as well ventilated as this building plan, it is a ‘dream come true’ for all.

real estate planning dunedin

real estate planning dunedin

Christ Church Lonely Planet

This plan was designed keeping in mind the aftermath of the disastrous Canterbury earthquakes that rocked the city. It has been designed with absolute new requirements that would add extra strength to the superstructure so that it can withstand nature’s fury for decades to come.

The specification is that of 4 bedrooms and a study room, along with others. The master bedroom and en-suite is a big hit amongst the owners who long for big night outs and a place to relax and chill .All other bedrooms are spacious and provide access to the bathrooms filled with modern amenities. In short, Plan Shop is the best when it comes to designing modern house plans at Dunedin.

Nelson Shores

The Nelson Shore plan is for them who prefer living in spacious spaces. It offers spacious living areas for the family, but also has a beautifully done lounge . There are 4 bedrooms and a central computer nook exactly in the center of the family area.

This large and spacious home has a separate entrance along with a walk though laundry and ample of storage space.

real estate planning dunedin